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Benefit for Wisconsin Food Banks With Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Wisconsin Strong T-Shirt BenefitWe have designed these items in light of the current Coronavirus epidemic and the effect it has had on our Wisconsin Food Banks.   Because of the mass amount of people without jobs, elderly, and those whom need help, food banks are critically short on food. 

Our hope is to raise as much money as possible through sales of items with the Wisconsin Strong print to benefit Wisconsin Food Banks.   For any shirt or other items sold with the Wisconsin Strong print, a $5 donation will be made to Wisconsin Food Banks will via the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin program.  Purchase 5 items and $25 will be donated.

Due to no fault of their own many people find themselves without anything to eat.  Many elderly who depend on fixed payments require the supplementation of their food with items from food banks.  People who were happily working last week have found themselves laid off for periods of unknown time.  All these people and more need your help.

It is difficult to get out and give to a food bank right now so take advantage of this "Get Something and Give Something" way of giving to our local communities.  

This benefit is approved by the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin program.

If you have any specific questions about your purchase or to order for your business as a corporate donation call us at 262-397-8599 or email

 Peace, Love Wisconsin!